July 30th 2019 – The Adventure Begins

Myself and four friends planned a six week-long trip to Thailand and Bali in August – September 2019, finishing up in Sydney Australia, to begin a new chapter. Here is the beginning of the adventure.

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 18.01.44


I had been counting down the days to our leaving date for months, quite literally through a countdown app on my phone. I was so excited for new experiences, new cultures and a lot of fun, but of course these feelings were also accompanied by feelings of anxiety, sadness and apprehension, as I didn’t know when I would be returning home again. There were some tears in the airport but after we left our families and had our obligatory airport pint we were ready for the adventure.



We arrived at Dublin airport at around 3am, as our flight was at 6am. I used to be quite anxious in airports, scared I would miss the flight, or that security would arrest me for that forgotten hand cream in my carry on. But this time I was just very excited for our big trip and felt at ease with my mates by my side.



You can shop around for cheap flights when flying to Thailand, we used the SkyScanner website to find the best flights and then booked through the individual airlines.

And Away We Gooo…

Our first flight (Aer Lingus) was only 2.5 hours long which was grand and it brought us to Dusseldorf, Germany, where we had a layover of four hours which wasn’t too bad. We then flew (Eurowings) to Bangkok on an 11.5 hour flight, which I think we were all dreading, but for some reasoning of a higher power, we were upgraded to first class for free. We genuinely couldn’t believe our luck and were expecting someone to come and say that there had been a mistake and kick us back to economy. Thankfully that never happened so we enjoyed our first experience in first class with all the leg room and chilled water you could want.

We got to Bangkok at around 6am and got a taxi to our first accommodation in the heart of Bangkok. With the long part of our journey over, it was time to explore..

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