Chiang Mai – Grand Canyon Water Park

We decided to go to an outdoor water park in Chiang Mai called ‘Grand Canyon Water Park’, which had a huge inflatable obstacle course, slides and zip-lining.

We were all excited and off we went.

We decided to do the zip-lining first before we got wet. I was so scared but it was something I had always wanted to do so I went for it. It was a thrill and so enjoyable.


Next was getting ready to go into the water and obstacle course. I was slightly nervous about it because of previously breaking my ankle five years ago. Ever since, I get very nervous of slippery ground any kind of unstable surface. I decided to feel the fear anyway and go for it. I got to the edge of the solid ground, about to put my foot out on to the first inflatable surface, when I realised that this was something that I did not want to do. My friends were cheering me on, but the nerves became too much and I burst into tears. I just couldn’t do it. When I broke my ankle previously, I also dislocated it and it was such a severe injury that I just couldn’t push myself on this.

I went and had a hot shower and decided I would relax for the day inside with lunch. I actually had a relaxing time and made sure to take lots of photos of my friends falling all over the obstacle course.

Sometimes you want to do everything that you can while travelling, pushing yourself to do new things. But there is no shame in admitting your limits either.

My friends had a great day in the water and we all sunbathed the evening away on lounge chairs after. A great day out if you like swimming and a physical challenge.


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