Koh Samui – Arrival & Accomodation

The flight to Koh Samui from Bangkok only took about an hour. We got a taxi to our home for the next few days, Cosi Chaweng Beach. This was the first hotel we would stay in and I think we all felt like we really needed a proper bed and a clean bathroom!

I was delighted when we entered as it is a really modern hotel with gorgeous interiors. It had a lovely coffee and breakfast area and a tourist information point. Our rooms were beautiful, with two bigs beds, a tv and a clean bathroom with no bugs. I think I much prefer hotel travelling to hostel travelling!

20190809_120811 (1)

The hotel was in a perfect location too, as it was on the grounds of ‘Central Festival’, a large shopping mall. The beach was a ten minute walk away and there was a pool on top of the hotel, which I spent a lot of time in.




I really liked Cosi and would definitely recommend staying there if you’re after some luxury instead of hosteling.


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