Quarantine – My Little Moments of Joy Every Day

There are certain things that bring me little moments of joy every day during lockdown. Here are some of them.

1. Coffee

I am a big coffee drinker and love my first mug of the day. I love getting coffee with friends and family and it is one of the things I miss most at the minute. Being able to have my morning coffee on our balcony in Sydney was always a joyful moment but I enjoy it in my garden now when I can.


2. Music

I listen to music every single day and love finding new music. I often listen to Tash Sultana as I find their music to be soothing and relaxing.


3. Family

I am extremely close with both of my parents and am currently living at home. My Mam is an artist so I enjoy going out to her studio in the garden to see what she’s currently working on. My Dad and I watch a lot of the same series and I enjoy watching the latest Netflix drama with him in the evenings.

Going for walks with my parents has been something that I’ve really been enjoying at the moment too. Having so much time at home right now is allowing me to have quality time with them and I’m really enjoying it.


4. Friends

Staying in contact with my friends is extremely important to me. If I wasn’t in regular, daily contact with them I would be miserable. I’m using apps like Zoom and HouseParty at the moment to video call my friends and play games to keep our spirits up.


5. My Cat

Having a pet has always brought joy to my life. I love looking after animals and always having a companion by my side.


6. Good Food

I love food and always try to eat food I truly enjoy.


8. TikTok

Although I’ve no plans to make my own TikTok videos any time soon, I’m really enjoying using the app. It brings a lot of laughter to my day.


9. Meditation & Mindfulness

I was first introduced to meditation at a retreat in primary school. I found it to be so calming and the feeling really stuck with me. I like to meditate daily and practice mindfulness throughout the day.


10. Art & Tattoos

I am a big lover of art and love scrolling through Instagram to find new artists to follow. I’m also a big fan of tattoos and love that they are able to showcase their work through Instagram.


11. Interior Design

I’ve always been a big fan of interior design and have recently redecorated my bedroom and other parts of the house. I love scrolling through Pinterest to find new designs and ideas.


12. Netflix and Disney+

I’m really enjoying watching old Disney favourites at the moment and have recently began watching all of the Star Wars films, as I had never seen them before. I also enjoyed the craziness of Tiger King and keeping up to date with RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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