Visa, Insurance, Vaccines Etc.

There are a few very important things you need to have organised before you embark on your trip of a lifetime..


Thailand: 30 day free holiday visa – this visa is granted on arrival at the airport

Bali: 30 day free holiday visa – also granted on arrival at the airport

Depending on how long you want to stay in each place, you will need different visas. I was in Thailand for 30 days, which does not require a visa.. although on leaving the country, my friends and I were pulled to one side of immigration and fined 1500 Thai Baht. We had apparently overstayed the free 30 day visa by a measly 9 hours and had to pay up to leave. Do your date calculations accurately and don’t make the same mistake, it can be hard to figure it out with the time differences though, which is how we made the mistake.


For the love of God, make sure your passport is in date before, during and after your planned travel dates. Maybe you’ll fall in love with the place and want to extend your stay? An out of date passport will definitely ruin your wanderlust.


When backpacking or travelling to multiple destinations over an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to pack clothes that have multiple uses, and also pack light. I packed far too much, although I was also moving to Australia at the end of my SE Asia and Bali adventure. One of my friends packed brilliantly and never had an issue with finding clothes or repacking her bag. There are lots of videos on packing light for SE Asia on Youtube, which I would highly recommend watching.


Flight Essentials

Our flight from Germany to Bangkok was the longest flight I had ever been on and I was quite apprehensive about it. Even though we ended up in first class, so I can’t say I learned a lot about surviving a long haul flight from it. I did fly back from Australia in January of this year though, which was a 14.5 hour flight. How did I get through it? I made sure to pack some essentials in my carry on. Find my post on getting through a long-haul flight here.



If you’re going to South East Asia, you’ll definitely need to get some vaccinations before you get on your flight. Bare in mind that these can be very expensive ranging from around 100 to 300 euro. I got mine in my local doctor’s office. I was advised to get Tetanus, Polio, Typhoid and Diphtheria. As we were not planning on going to rural parts of Asia, I decided not to get the Rabies or Hep A vaccines.

Rabies is often contracted by animal bites or scrapes, which can be a real risk as there are so many stray cats, dogs and the ‘odd’ Monkey in South East Asia. If you do get bitten, you will have to receive medical treatment whether you’ve had the rabies vaccination or not. Getting the vaccine before you go, just gives you a longer window to get the second vaccination after you have been bitten. So it is really only advised to get the rabies vaccine if you are going to be in a remote area and may not be able to get medical attention asap. That’s how it was explained to me anyway.

Ask your doctor and tell them your route so they can give you the most accurate advice. If you’re near Dublin, The Travel Health Clinic on Grafton Street and TMB have been recommended many times to me.


Beauty Treatments

So, I’m not really one to have beauty treatments very often, but considering I was going to be travelling for 6 whole weeks in extremely humid conditions, I thought I could do a few things to make my ‘beauty regime’ easier. Firstly, I got waxing done, which was honestly a huge help. It’s grand at home to not have to shave your legs everyday when you’re wearing tights or jeans most days, but the thought of having to wear shorts every day and shave was not something I looked forward to.

Secondly I got the LVL lash treatment done on my eyelashes. This treatment lifts, curls and your eyelashes and it worked so well on my eyelashes. I rarely wore eye make up and when I did, I actually preferred myself without it and just rocked the LVL lashes. It lasts up to 3 months too, so in my opinion, it’s definitely worth the money.

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