Phuket – Arrival & Accommodation

To get to our next destination, Phuket, we got a boat from Phi Phi which took just two hours. We bought our tickets in advance but still had to queue to get stickers which showed where we were going. Once we reached Phuket we got a taxi to Patong which took around 45 minutes.

We stayed in a hostel in Patong called ‘Bearpackers Hostel’. It was a nice hostel and we stayed in a sex bedroom dorm. There were five of us altogether and we had the room to ourselves. There are shared bathrooms on each floor, men’s and women’s. There was a kitchen and living room area on the top floor, which had a huge television, Netflix and games for all to use. You could also order food in the kitchen area, I had curry one day and it was really nice. There is also a small pool and outside lounge area on the rooftop where you could see this gorgeous view.

That night went for dinner and then I went back to the hostel as I was feeling really tired. My friends went to Bangla Road. I couldn’t believe what they told me the next day. After a lot of persuasion from street promoters, they went to a ‘Ping Pong show’ which involved women on stage launching ping pong balls and pulling out other things from their vaginas… including a parakeet. I genuinely didn’t believe them and thought they were trying to fool me. I eventually realised they were telling the truth and wasn’t sure if I had made a good decision to get an early night or had missed out on something unforgettable. Maybe I’ll see it for myself if I ever go back, you never know.

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