Phuket – James Bond Island (Koh Tapu)

We went to the famous James Bond Island one day while in Phuket. The island is famous for being the location of the villian’s secret tropical headquarters in the 1974 Bond film, “The Man with the Golden Gun,” with Roger Moore as James Bond. The island is officially called Koh Tapu but is known now as ‘James Bond Island’ since it has become such a famous tourist spot thanks to the Bond movie.

Tickets to the island were 1400 baht and this included our transfer to and from the hostel, lunch and canoeing. We were collected from our hostel in Patong at around 10am and then went to collect other passengers. We drove to Monkey Cave Temple first, which took about an hour and a half. And yes, it is known as Monkey Cave Temple because there are wild monkeys roaming around. We were quite nervous about this as we had heard of the mischievous antics of wild monkeys, so we made sure to keep a safe distance and keep our belongings safe away from monkey reach. It was a really wet day so it was good we were in a cave and out of the rain.

Inside the cave there is a large reclining Buddha and other Buddha statues. Once we had explored the caves it was time to get back to our transport to the port. We got into a longtail boat which was very loud and fast. So fast, that water was constantly splashing in to the boat. It was already a very rainy day so this didn’t really help matters.

These boats brought us to a much bigger boat. You could go canoeing if you wanted. I was feeling quite sick so I didn’t go canoeing but my friends did. They came back absolutely drenched. They said that the guides who took them out canoeing do not get paid a salary or by the hour, so they rely solely on tips. Something to consider if you ever go to Thailand.

Once everyone was back on the boat, we went to James Bond Island. It’s a bit mad to see this huge piece of limestone in the middle of the water, which looks like it shouldn’t still be upright.

After we’d taken a sufficient amount of photos at James Bond island we were then taken to Muslim Village, which is a fisherman’s village built on stilts. We had lunch in a restaurant which had overhead covering but was still exposed to the outside. While we were having lunch, the rain got very aggressive and the wind was so strong that pieces of cutlery were flying off of our tables. I was actually quite scared that we were going to get stranded there. We didn’t though, we got back in our long-tail boat and endured a very wet and rocky ride back to the port.

This was probably the worst weather we experienced on our trip, which wasn’t too bad seeing as our whole trip took place during Thailand’s monsoon season.

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