Bondi Street Art – Colouring The Beach

I have always had an appreciation for all kinds of art, as my Mam is an artist and brought me to art museums from a young age. I absolutely love discovering new pieces of street art whenever I travel to new places, so here are some gems I have found along the way.

Australia has an extremely passionate and prevalent presence of street art, beautiful pieces of art painted and spray painted on various approved sites. In Australia, I lived on Bondi Beach where there is a huge array of works along the beach and skate park. Some businesses also cover their buildings with graffiti, which is eye-catching and makes beautiful art accessible to all, daily.

The street art that covers the length of the board walk along Bondi Beach makes the beach an even more beautiful environment. These pieces are not permanent and local artists are always covering past works with new pieces, so you’re sure to discover new art if you ever visit.


A hostel close to where I was living, welcomes their guests straight away with this gorgeous piece below.

I also discovered this art in Bondi Junction near the Westfield Shopping Centre. The ‘Never Forget’ toilet paper is particularly hilarious given the recent toilet paper ‘crisis’ in Australia and across the globe.


If you pay close attention to street art in Australia and even around the globe, you’ll become familiar with an artist by the name of Steen Jones. He has a very recognisable style of art which is reminiscent of traditional tattoos. He is an extremely popular artist, with many businesses commissioning him to decorate the exterior and interior of their stores and cafés. Here are two that I found while in Sydney.

You can find Steen Jones on Instagram here.

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