Melbourne Graffiti – The Most Colourful Lanes You’ll Ever See

Melbourne is a city rich in culture and art, which is why I was eager to visit and explore the famous graffiti lanes. There are many graffiti lanes in Melbourne but two of the most famous would probably be ACDC Lane and Hosier Lane. The lanes were top on my list of things to see while in Melbourne and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

The lanes are approved to be used for graffiti by the government, so artists are free to come and add their works. None of the art is permanent in the lanes, so artists can come and cover up older pieces with new ones all the time.

Hosier Lane
Hosier Lane is opposite Federation Square and joins Flinders Lane with Flinders Street. Nearly every inch of the long, cobblestoned lane is covered in some form of art. I spent a long time here and kept finding smaller pieces such as computer keyboard keys and spray-painted masks stuck to the walls. You’ll always find new gems if you look closely and take your time. Sometimes it’s the overlooked and hard to find pieces that are the most special and memorable.


AC/DC Lane
AC/DC Lane runs off of Flinders Lane and is very close to Hosier Lane. It was renamed to AC/DC Lane in 2004 to pay tribute to the Australian rock band, AC/DC. You’ll find lots of nods to musicians decorating the lanes, including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and more. This lane is also home to a well known live music venue, Cherry Bar.

Duckboard Place
You’ll find Duckboard Place easily from AC/DC lane as it curves around to Flinders Lane. There are some large pieces of art here, including a beautiful piece by Steen Jones. There is also a suspended washing line covered in hanging shoes in Duckboard Place.

Wander & Discover
You can also find pieces along the streets and lanes near Hosier and AC/DC Lane. Here’s some other works I found while wandering around. Some of these were the exterior of businesses which had been worked on by Steen Jones.

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